Sustainability – For a green future

The development of sustainable products and technologies has been our clear focus for years. The aim is to reduce environmental impacts through resource-efficient and low-emissions specialist foundation engineering by using raw materials more efficiently and strategically, and sustainably managing projects in an environmentally compatible way. This is the challenge we have set for ourselves. Our focus here is on energy and climate protection, adaptation to climate change, resources and circular economy, local pollution as well as employee development and training. We want to establish the sustainable site as the industry standard. And make our contribution to a green future. Sustainability is not just a concept for us: it is our passion. For ourselves. For everyone. For the environment.


Our fields of potential

  • BCP
  • Digital Methods
  • Design 
  • Geothermal energy
  • Automatic systems 
  • Training
  • Digital twin
  • Measurement 
  • Monitoring 
  • Materials
For a green future

Geothermal heat

Sustainable energy supply

In addition to geothermally activated foundation elements, geothermal heat can also be used directly for energy production. We make the energy available in the building’s equipment room.

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For a green future

LWS injection base

Ecofriendly silicate gel

Mithilfe einer LWS-Injektionssohle kann die CO2e-Emission je m² i.d.R. um weit mehr als 70 % reduziert werden. Der Boden bleibt dabei vor Ort, in den Porenraum wird lediglich ein umweltfreundliches Silikatgel injiziert.

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For a green future


Efficiency meets sustainability

Using the Mixed-in-Place method, CO2e emissions can generally be reduced by between 25% and 45%. The construction material is produced on-site using the existing soil and hydraulic binding agent.

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For a green future

Offshore wind turbines

Renewable energy

Offshore wind turbines are an important step towards the future market for renewable energies. We have already efficiently constructed foundations in this area with our own seabed drills.

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We aim to reduce our carbon footprint on sites using sustainable solutions for specialist foundation engineering. For a green future. 


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Karsten Beckhaus
Member of the Management Board

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