Offshore foundations – In the oceans

The world’s oceans offer considerable potential for the generation of renewable energy from wind, waves and tidal currents. Secure anchoring of offshore wind turbines and high-energy systems on the ocean floor is essential here. We have developed a range of equipment and innovative methods for underwater use to enable safe and economical foundations even with particularly difficult seabed.

BSD 3000 seabed drill

This subsea drilling method was specifically developed for rocky subsoils and high current flow rates. It was first successfully used for the foundation of a tidal turbine in the sea near Scotland. The BSD 3000 equipment is lowered to the seabed from a floating vessel and operated by remote control.

Dive Drill C40

Foundations for offshore wind turbines are frequently carried out with conventional pile driving methods. In unfavorable soil conditions, however, it is possible that the piles cannot be driven any deeper. We developed the Dive Drill C40 to achieve the target depth in these particular cases – a method known as Drive-Drill-Drive.

Dive Drill CU40

Dive Drill CU 40 is a further development of the conventional Dive Drill. The “U” stands for “Underreamer,” because the drill head is able to cut out the soil strata ahead of the casing. The Dive Drill is lifted directly into the temporary casing by the vessels crane and clamps itself in place, before starting with the drilling work.

Offshore Windpark, Saint-Brieuc, France
Installation of a rock grouting curtain up to a maximum depth of 91 m.


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