Grouting – Free of cavities

Grouting involve introducing hard-setting slurries and solutions into fractures, cavities and gaps in soil or rock. A distinction is made between injections with and without modification of the construction soil. The choice of grouting agent depends on the purpose of the activity and the geological characteristics of the construction soil. Thanks to our know-how and our worldwide experience in a wide range of grouting methods, we are just the ideal partner for your project. 

Compensation grouting

During compensation grouting, bore holes distributed under buildings are constructed from shafts. Tubes-à-manchette are installed in these bore holes with a self-hardening skin mixture. First the soil is filled, then later braced, through the targeted injection of binder slurry. 

Permeation grouting

Permeation grouting can be used to construct deep sealing blankets in sand or gravel. Grout pipes with valves are inserted in a grid spacing into the ground, using vibration or installed in drill holes through which the grout is then injected. Grout bodies are created around the valves, forming a continuous sealing blanket. 

Rock grouting

Rock grouting is carried out in order to fill gaps, fractures and cavities in solid rock. In stable rock, injection follows the upstage sequence (from bottom to top), while the downstage sequence (from top to bottom) or multiple packer sleeved pipe (special design) is used in unstable rock. 

Compaction grouting

For compaction grouting, a special mortar is injected into the loose subsoil in sections using the upstage sequence (from bottom to top). The goal is to compact the subsoil without breaking it up. This method can also be implemented using slurries with the tube-à-manchette system. 

Jet grouting / High pressure injection (HDI)

Jet grouting is used for strengthening or deepening building foundations, for sealing bases or strut bases and for dam sealing. After reaching the target depth, a part of the soil is flushed out using fluid. The binder slurry introduced at the same time hardens the remaining soil. 


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