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When it comes to specialist foundation engineering experts, all roads lead to Bauer. Customers around the world rely on our many years of experience, qualified employees and continual development work. We deliver the most economically efficient solution for every task and execute all kinds of soil improvement work, bored piles, anchors and micro piles, soil mixing techniques, diaphragm walls and cut-off walls, injections and soil freezing and sheet piles. Thoroughly reliable and powerful. Discover our wide range of construction methods now.

Overview of our services

Soil improvement

Structures with a particularly difficult subsoil? No problem. With our methods, we offer the optimal soil improvement. And ensure stability. That’s why we also make our construction projects future-proof. 

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Deep underground – these are our bored piles. They form the foundation without which countless buildings would be impossible to construct. Depending on your individual requirements, different types of pile can be installed.

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What would an excavation pit be if it had retaining structures without a tie-back? Almost unconceivable today. With our invention, the ground anchor, we are able to ensure use in all soil types and implement your individual project.  

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Micro piles

Small piles with a big effect. They serve to stabilize the subsoil and are used in various diameters. We adapt to your individual project requirements.

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Soil mixing methods

Are you looking for sustainable methods for future projects? Then our efficient soil mixing methods developed in-house are just the right thing. They allow to adapt flexibly to the requirements of your construction task. 

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Diaphragm walls

Our diaphragm walls: a reliable and stable solution, whether as a support wall, cut-off wall or foundation element. We implement your project with suitable diaphragm walling grabs and cutters. Based on your individual requirements. 

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Free of cavities or fractures – our grouting methods. They are used to insert hardening slurries. Thanks to our range of grouting methods, we are the ideal partner for your project. 

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Soil freezing

Soil freezing is a unique method for sealing the subsoil. The soil stabilized in this manner is suitable for the creation of impermeable structures, such as tunnel construction. Do you have any questions? Find information here.

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Sheet piles

Safety in steel? Our sheet piles can deliver. When used to stabilize slopes, they are one of the oldest methods in specialist foundation engineering. We implement your project with the latest technology – even in urban areas.

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Hahenig Frank, Managing Director (CEO) of Bauer Spezialtiefbau GmbH
We are your experts in specialist foundation engineering and offer all methods from A to Z. Let's implement your individual project together."
Frank Haehnig
Managing Director (CEO)

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