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The BAUER Construction Process (BCP) is a standardized and unified process that defines the entire sequence of a construction project from the start of the sales phase until final handover to the customer. The BCP categorizes the individual phases of a construction project into milestones. Our goal: achieving the project milestones by the required deadline. All employees involved in the project are instructed in their rights and obligations for this purpose. Clearly subdividing each project into uniform phases means that the user-friendly process always stays the same and can be used as a standard system – on sites worldwide. In this way, the BCP enables successful, resource-efficient and optimal collaboration of all parties involved.

Fokus Baustelle

Focus construction site

As a master process, the BAUER Construction Process facilitates the coordination of all site processes and work as a team – on sites worldwide.

Unified and user-friendly

Standardization as a basis

The system enables optimal coordination of all processes, collaboration as a team, and effective operation. All project participants are kept up to date, all work is synchronized and completed at the right time. The clear goal: a unified standard system that is identical for all branch offices worldwide.

Simplified processes

Optimized project management

By standardizing project management for all parties involved, the BAUER Construction Process fulfils one of the most important requirements for performing successful work and business on the long term. As part of the lean philosophy, the standardized work method is defined as the most effective form of collaboration and the basis for streamlining processes. The advantages are clear to see: a user-friendly process within the construction process that defines what steps should be taken when and by whom.

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